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Following are our specialized services:

HOSPITAL Information System: The Complete readymade solution for any medical services, it is developed in different modules which include both medical & non-medical facilities.

General Software Development: The complete provision of vibrant, functional and technically excellent software solutions for the different business trades.

WEB Site Designing: Electronic advertising and commerce are rapidly developing areas of technological expertise, which are fundamentally changing the way in which both companies & their clients view the business process. This revolution is opening up completely new markets to established companies & creating markets which were undreamed of just a few years ago. Organizations find themselves surrounded by new opportunities & new pitfall in an ever-changing race for success.

Our Websites design makes an effective & usable internet presence which integrates with your existing business practices. This holistic design paradigm allows you to develop electronic business practices which compliments the way in which your operation works resulting in lower training, implementation and operational costs for your organization.

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