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Our Specialized services has the following phases of process, which makes your business a complete revolutionary trade to compete with the developing world!

ANALYSIS PHASE: During this phase , We gather information regarding your requirements and formulate a specification from this. This activity requires a great deal of custom and end user participation but the result is a system that is designed around the tasks which you need it to perform rather than the limitation of computer technology.

DESIGN PHASE: This phase transforms the descriptive specifications which was compiled during the Analysis phase into the object models, classes, methods and attributes which we use as building blocks, for the final product. It is here that we translate your requirements into the numbers that can be manipulated and displayed by today's computer technology.

During this phase, We will repeatedly prototype and evaluate the user interface design, ensuring that it is sensible and intuitive before functionality is added.

IMPLEMENTATION PHASE: From our designs, we now create the final product for use in your company or publishing on the web. The attention to detail and thoughtful design of the previous two phases now bear fruit and the Software implementation can proceed without the burden of required reworking of the specifications. Finally a detailed evaluation system is used to refine the end product and deliver a solution which is second to none.

If you feel to have additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us via E-mail at support@mauk.every1.net.

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